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When thickheaded fans run onto the field during a sporting event, television networks tend to cut away from the streaking immediately and refuse to discuss it afterward, lest they give too much attention to the trespassers and encourage other fame-seekers to do the same.

On Sunday, however, CBS was unable to turn a blind eye to a man who ran onto the field during the New York Jets home game against the Houston Texans because said man managed to cross midfield right as the Jets were lining up for a snap. He was soon tackled and doubtlessly charged with some sort of trespassing violation, all of which delighted Jets coach Rex Ryan, who was seen laughing heartily while watching the incident on the video screens at the New Meadowlands. 

Here's the clip. Be sure to watch the top left of the screen when CBS cuts to a wide shot. You can see security tackle the interloper on the screens, just like Rex:

Ryan's good spirits would continue later, as the Jets won on a last-minute touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes(notes).

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