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Acting on the orders of Andy Reid, a security guard asked a man attending Philadelphia Eagles training camp to remove his Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey. Or so says Jim Devlin, the 43-year-old instigator who showed up in Bethleham, Pa., on Wednesday morning wearing the burgundy and gold.

According to Devlin (via Tim McManus of Philadelphia Sports Daily), he was asked to remove his No. 5 Washington Redskins jersey in the middle of Eagles practice at the request of the Redskins head coach. Devlin complied with the order and stayed on the sidelines with his guest pass to watch the rest of practice.

As an NFL blogger and Redskins fan, I'd love nothing more than to hear that Andy Reid is looking out into the crowd and playing Michael Kors with wardrobes he doesn't like. But I'm not going to believe it just because one attention-seeking rabble rouser says so. Somebody told Devlin to change. I'd bet it was somebody other than Andy Reid.

Why did an official have to make Devlin change though? I thought Philly fans were supposed to be the toughest fans in the land. They boo Santa Claus and cheer opponent's injuries and root for bad guys in every action movie. Why wasn't there some self-policing done amongst bleeding-green nation? Shouldn't Devlin have been dealt with by boisterous Eagles fans rather than a security guard sic'd on him by Andy Reid? Why does the mustachioed coach need to clean up everything? And did Reid have to waste two timeouts before identifying the perp?

Not missing a beat, Redskins general manager Bruce Allen quickly stated that any Washington fan was free to wear a Jason Campbell Raiders jersey while at 'Skins camp.

Update: Devlin was back at practice Wednesday afternoon wearing a bright red Kevin Kolb jersey he bought from a gift shop. He said wanted to "blend in." Yeah, I'm sure that was the point.

A new report from says an Eagles spokesman says the team doesn't allow spectators on the sideline to wear paraphanilia of opposing teams, hence the incident from Wednesday morning. Tim McManus, the Philadelphia Sports Daily writer, disputed this, saying it's more of a "preference." 

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