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We've known for a while about custom player- and stadium-specific celebrations in Madden, but I believe this is our first in-depth look at them. EA Sports shares this YouTube video, giving us a taste of what we'll see.

It's not really for me, as I'm more of a "hand the ball to the ref" kind of a guy (mostly because I'm usually up by 40), but there's some neat stuff in there. Steven Jackson does a little supermanning of that young lady (I wonder if Soulja Boy gets royalties from that) and I dig LaDainian Tomlinson's touchdown signature.

But there are some slightly unrealistic things, too. For instance, Ryan Grant makes the Lambeau Leap, but just sort of hangs on the wall, instead of falling into the arms of the Green Bay faithful (or, alternately, being molested). Also, there's an Oakland Raider pictured scoring a touchdown. That's just not realistic.

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