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Win the Super Bowl on Madden NFL 11 and you get to meet the president. A virtual version, that is.

Gamers who win the NFL title in Madden's franchise mode are rewarded with a two-minute, 22-second virtual celebration, which includes the awarding of the Super Bowl MVP and Lombardi trophies, a parade in your home city and the requisite White House meeting with President Barack Obama.

My one gripe is that apparently you get to meet the president no matter the level you play. That doesn't seem fair. Beat the game on rookie and you should get a meeting at a K Street McDonald's with South Dakota Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. All-Pro, maybe a face-to-face with Joe Biden. Meeting Obama should be reserved for winning the Super Bowl on All-Madden level, or getting to the playoffs with the Lions.

Here's a clip from Madden's Super Bowl celebration, complete with surprisingly understated commentary from Gus Johnson:

That's a pretty realistic rendering of the White House ceremony, minus the presence of the presidential teleprompter. EA needs to keep this up and make everything about its virtual Super Bowl close to reality. Give me a six-hour pregame show, unfunny commercials, washed-up rock stars performing at halftime, losing quarterbacks storming off the field and the option to switch to the Puppy Bowl if I should so desire.  

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