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I'll admit to being mildly annoyed when scoring a touchdown in Madden, and then watching virtual LaDainian Tomlinson celebrate in a way that actual LaDainian Tomlinson would never celebrate.

Situation rectified. The Madden people have incorporated a bunch of signature TD celebrations into the game that players actually perform, and they've given you the ability to control them. From the Gamestop blog (via The Postmen, via The Sporting Blog):

Now you will be in control after a touchdown, and a simple push of the “celebrate” button will allow your player to spring into action. If that player happens to be known for his elaborate celebrations, then he’ll perform some of those that you’ve seen him do in real life. For example, a player like Terrell Owens has more than 10 of his familiar celebrations available.

... Specific stadiums will even feature their own local celebrations. Can you say, “Lambeau Leap?” We’ve also been told that an extra “hidden” control will let you steal an opponent’s celebration so you can really rub it in. However, you’ll have to discover that one on your own.

I think they call that last one "Hines Ward Mode."

It sounds like a cool addition, but I have two requests:

1) I want Randy Moss to be able to fake moon opposing fans, and I want a special guest appearance by Joe Buck decrying it as "a disgusting act," and saying "we're embarrassed to have that on our video game."

2) If a player is trailing by 14 points or more and he attempts an endzone celebration, the opposing player should be able to respond by pressing a button that would cause the commentator to call the guy a jerkweed, fans to respond by throwing batteries at the player, and that players "awareness" rating to drop by 35 points.

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