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Madden '09 has released the overall team ratings for their August opus. They follow below for your perusal:

Individual player ratings are out, too (sort of). If you like, you can head over to Pasta Padre and find a picture of your team's depth chart. I've culled some of the more interesting numbers here:

• Eli Manning has skyrocketed to a 93, up from 85 last year.

• All of the top three quarterbacks from the 2004 draft class are 90 or above. Eli's a 93, Ben Roethlisberger's a 95, and Philip Rivers is a 90.

• Tarvaris Jackson, seen widely as the key to the Vikings success this season, is very nearly the worst starting quarterback in the game with a rating of 79. Other starters with a 79 rating include Josh McCown and Trent Edwards, and only Brodie Croyle bails them out with a 78.

• Jason Campbell gets disrespected with an 84, while Todd Collins, still listed as the 2nd string quarterback, gets an 85.

• The Madden people have Joe Flacco taking the first string job in Baltimore with a 79, just ahead of Kyle Boller's 78.

• In Atlanta, they have Chris Redman starting with an 82, and Matt Ryan backing him up with an 83.

• In Cleveland, Derek Anderson's got a healthy ratings advantage of Brady Quinn: 88 to 82.

• Raiders first round draft pick Darren McFadden gets the exact same rating as the starting incumbent running back, Justin Fargas: 85.

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