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MC Hammer shares some life lessons with the 49ers

Yo, sound the bell. School's in, sucka.

MC Hammer is two things. He's dope on the floor, and he's magic on the mic. On Tuesday, he was willing to share some secrets with the San Francisco 49ers on how they can be dope on the field, and magic in their lives.

Perhaps those weren't his exact words, but I like to imagine that was the gist of it. Here's the report from Matt Maiocco of

A 49ers team spokesman said Hammer addressed the team Tuesday afternoon about handling the "trials and tribulations" that can easily come along with being a public figure in sports and entertainment.

Hammer's appearance was set up by Keena Turner, the 49ers' vice president of football affairs. Both Turner and Hammer live in Tracy, and have known each other for a long time.

I know it sounds silly, but Hammer's an experienced and wise man. He's an ordained minister, and he knows what life can be like in the spotlight. He's been around the world. From London to the bay.

It's not the first time Hammer has helped the 49ers, either. Back in '09, Michael Crabtree(notes) staged a lengthy holdout, until Hammer got involved in the negotiations and said to everyone involved, "Stop. Contract time." They hammered out a deal, and the rest was history.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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