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Ahead of Sunday's AFC and NFC Championship Games, Shutdown Corner takes a broader look at the teams involved, and evaluates reasons to root for or root against each. First, the Indianapolis Colts. Please feel free to add your own reasons for love and/or hate in the comments.

Love the Colts:

Peyton Manning(notes) is, or is one of, the greatest quarterbacks of our time. I am not at all opposed to the idea of great quarterbacks winning Super Bowls. Yes, Manning already has one, but multiple rings would be more befitting a player of his stature. I find it irritating when someone can invalidate Dan Marino's entire brilliant career by saying, "Yeah, but he never won a ring!"

• They've entertained us through the years. Some of us more than other, I'm sure, as those other AFC teams that have clashed with the Colts certainly don't like them much. But for everyone else, the Colts have always played an entertaining, high-scoring brand of football, and they've provided us with some classic games in the past ten years.

• Pierre Garçon is one of the NFL's faces for Haitian relief efforts. He has family in Haiti, and wasn't immediately sure of their safety after the first quake hit.

• Their wide receiving corps no longer includes people who may or may not have shot people.

Hate the Colts:

• They didn't go for an undefeated season. I don't personally subscribe to this reason, but I'll absolutely understand if you do. The Colts had a chance to make NFL history, and not only did they not do it, they refused to even try, extending a giant middle finger to those fans who invested energy and cash into watching them in Weeks 16 and 17.

• You can't go twenty seconds without seeing Peyton Manning's face somewhere. And if the Colts do make the Super Bowl, we will be inundated with two weeks of unceasing Manning Mania. It could get painful.

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