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Championships. Money. Fame. Competition. Those are the things that drive most quarterbacks. Not Brett Favre though; he's more interested in revenge.

According to a New York Daily News column by Gary Myers, a(nother) Favre return to the NFL would be motivated by his desire to get revenge on the Packers, the team that kicked him to the curb last spring in favor of Aaron Rodgers.

Writes Myers:

One NFL source insists Favre can't peacefully retire until he finds a way to get revenge on the Packers. He wants back into the NFC North so he can face the Packers twice. The Bears traded for Jay Cutler and the Lions drafted Matthew Stafford. Hello, Minnesota.

"Favre can't stand Green Bay," the source said. "He wants to play Green Bay and say, 'I told you so.' His bitterness is creating this. I think he's calling Minnesota. I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak. You haven't heard the end of Favre. No way. He is bionic. As long as somebody will let him in, he will play."

Favre won't retire until he can get revenge on the Packers? So I guess he's either going to sign with the Vikings, pull all the fire alarms at Lambeau Field or make Ted Thompson some very special chili. (I'm also not sure what Favre being "bionic" has to do with getting revenge, unless he's planning some sort of "Six Million Dollar Man" type shenanigans.)

Though I'm as sick of Favre as the next non-Wrangler-jeans-wearing guy, I have to say, the thought of him coming back to the NFL with revenge on his mind is particularly delightful.

As if Brett Favre doesn't try to force the ball to his receivers enough, can you imagine if he was playing a game solely for spite? He'd probably be throwing into quintuple-coverage every time he dropped back to pass. There's a legitimate chance he could throw, like, 19 interceptions in the two games Minnesota would play against Green Bay. That would almost make up for having to hear incessantly about Favre for the next few months (he says in his second post about Brett Favre in the last five days).

UPDATE: Favre recently told Trent Dilfer that he would NOT be playing football in 2009.

UPDATE II: Evidently, Brett Favre enjoys fibbing to trent Dilfer. One report says he's talking to the Vikings about playing.

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