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You may remember last year's official NFL slogan, "Who Wants it More" (and there's no way you're ever forgetting it if you were in the Phoenix area for the Super Bowl). This year's official NFL theme is "Believe In Now."

Individual teams have their own slogans for each year, too. They'll use them to sell season tickets, coaches may use them as rallying points, and you might see them printed on t-shirt worn under pads.

The slogan the 2008 Lions have chosen: "Do You Believe in Now?"

That's superb. That might even be the work of Matt Millen himself. All I know is that whoever came up with it is a fountain of creativity. Anyone could have come up with "Believe in Now," but it took a genius to add "Do You" at the beginning and a question mark at the end.

And leave it to the Lions to take something the rest of the league uses as a command and turn it into a question. Every other team in the league an officially licensed "Believe in Now" t-shirt, and none of them end in the interrogative form. It's only the Lions who are unsure.

And for a look at how Lions fans are responding to the question, it's worth a visit to Lions blog Pride of Detroit.

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