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This is Detroit Lions linebacker Zack Follett, and he appears to be insane. Maybe in a good way, maybe not. You can decide that for yourself.

Follett was so fired up about the Lions draft -- they acquired both Ndamukong Suh and Jahvid Best -- that he was moved to put on his helmet, head to the local Target, and purchase a box of tampons and some Barbie Band-Aids for opposing players visiting Ford Field this year.

Say what you want about the video -- and yes, it is sexist to equate tampon usage with weakness -- but if I'm in charge of the Detroit Lions and I need to vacuum away the stench of pathetic, uninspired football that's gripped the locker room for years, I want Zack Follett on my side. His passion for football and disregard for sanity could not be more obvious.

Here's another of Follett's greatest hits.

Pain train. Choo-chooin'. I just got a little bit closer to believing that the Detroit Lions can one day be a decent football team again.

Big thanks to Detroit4Lyfe, via Busted Coverage.

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