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Quarterback Philip Rivers'(notes) subpar season has been a topic of national interest since the events depicted in the above video, which deadens my soul a little bit every time someone clicks on it.

A lot of theories have been thrown around. Some people think he might be concealing an injury. Some people think the Chargers offense is severely crippled when Antonio Gates(notes) isn't healthy. Some think San Diego's receivers aren't very good at getting separation. Others point the finger at a running game that's nowhere near where it should be.

LaDainian Tomlinson(notes) of the New York Jets has another theory, though, and his opinion is not to be dismissed, because he spent the better part of four years side-by-side with Rivers.

"I don't know what Philip may be going through right now. But I will say, to me, he seems distracted for some reason. It just seems like he's distracted. I always said this: It's hard to be the guy on the team. When they say this is your team. It's hard to be that guy now. Because you get all the questions of what's wrong and what's right. Then, you get your teammates that expect certain things from you. When that doesn't happen, you get strange looks in the locker room. So it's hard to be that guy when it's your team. So that may have a little bit to do with what's going on."

Hm. Distraction. If that is the case, we'll probably never know what it is, because it's not going to come from Rivers. If he had some kind of an excuse to offer, and he intended to do it, it probably would've come already.

For now, as it will until Rivers turns it around, it remains a mystery. He's thrown 11 interceptions on the year, only two fewer than he did all of last season. His touchdown-to-interception ratios in the last five years look like this: 30-to-13, 28-to-9, 34-to-11, 21-to-15, and 22-to-9. This year, through seven games, he sits at 7-to-11.

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