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I got so excited when I saw "Kordell Stewart" and "UFL" in the same headline. It wasn't that long ago when Kordell was traipsing around on "Pros vs. Joes," still clinging to his NFL dream, so I thought maybe he'd swallowed his pride and decided to give the UFL a go. Baby, I'd have been glued to that TV.

No such luck, though the consolation prize isn't bad: Kordell Stewart will be providing sideline reports during UFL games on Versus. I guess that's one more talent we can add to the list of things that make Kordell Stewart "Slash."

You know all this "Wildcat" stuff that people are so crazy about these days? Kordell practically invented it. Well, not really, but he ran it, sort of, and for a year or so, he was really good at it. Then he decided to try "passing," that didn't work out very well. Then everyone started calling him gay, he pulled out the trusty "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" line, he bounced around to a couple of quarterback-deficient teams, and that was a wrap. It was a wild, wild ride.

Now here he is again, with the UFL. I really hope he gets a close look at these games, decides he should be out there, and puts on the pads again.

Doug Flutie will be doing the color commentary, Dave Sims the play-by-play, and Anita Marks will join Kordell on the sidelines.

The UFL opens their season on Versus, Thursday, October 8th when the California Redwoods (Bobby Sippio(notes), Obafemi Ayanbadejo(notes), BJ Sams(notes), Peter Warrick(notes)) take on the Las Vegas Locomotives (David Kircus(notes), JP Losman(notes), Samie Parker(notes), Gary Stills(notes)).

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