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Sunday's Eagles-Raiders game was standard Sunday afternoon fare ... until a pigeon decided to assist Oakland's kickoff coverage. Follow the link for the video, which shows our little friend taking off with the flight of the ball and flapping alongside the Raiders as they sprint the length of the field.

Oh, animals. It's so adorable when they do human things. I like to pretend that this little guy can talk, too, and that his name is Leonard and he speaks with a slightly French-Canadian accent. I imagine this as the conversation he had with No. 24, Michael Huff(notes).

Leonard: Hey, what's going on, fellas?

Huff: We're just, um, playing a football game.

Leonard: Yeah? Who are you playing?

Huff: The Eagles.

Leonard: Oh, man, I hate the eagles.

Huff: You're a football fan?

Leonard: No, not really, man, I mean real eagles. I hate those guys. Everyone makes a big deal, like "Oh, it's an eagle, let's protect it and put it on posters and flags and money and stuff," but I'll tell you what, man, that bald eagle isn't even smart enough to keep himself from being endangered. Idiots. Next time I see one, I swear I'm going to peck his eyes out. Eagles. Psh.

Huff: You want to help us cover this kick, then?

Leonard: Cool. I got outside contain on this guy.

Gracias, Goal Line Stand.

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