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Common second careers for NFL players can include television, radio, business, bar/restaurant ownership, and, in the case of Brett Favre(notes), professional unretirer.

You know what you don’t hear a lot about, though? NFL’ers turned interior designers. But then again, nott much has ever been typical about Keyshawn Johnson(notes).

Keyshawn’s always had an interest an interior design, and apparently, he’s pretty serious about it. He fancies himself a modern-day Mesach Taylor (that may be an obscure reference for our younger readers, so let me explain: Mesach Taylor played Anthony Bouvier on the hit ‘80s sitcom “Designing Women,” starring Delta Burke, Annie Potts, and Dixie Carter as the sultry Julia Sugarbaker. Bouvier lived in a house of four female interior designers and is, to this day, the first person who comes to mind when I think of male interior designers … aside from the legendary Christopher Lowell, of course).

Here’s an extremely brief interview that Keyshawn did with Dan Macsai of about his interior design jones. For a guy who’s on television about 20 Sundays a year, Keyshawn isn’t very loquacious here. For me, here’s the highlight of the interview:

So how would you describe your own home?

It's clean. It's Mediterranean. I don't have a whole bunch of s—- everywhere.

That was it. That was the whole answer Not having a "whole bunch of s---" everywhere. What a tremendous design concept. I think I read about it once in “Whole Bunch of S--- Everywhere Magazine.”

Keyshawn hopes to get a line of Keyshawn Johnson home decoration products out in stores soon, and I wish him the best of luck with that. If you’re interested in the show, here’s a brief look at it:

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