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Britney Spears performed Monday night in Nashville and was joined on stage for a song by a boa-wearing, handcuffed Kenny Britt(notes):

Kenny Britt was handcuffed on stage by Britney Spears

The Tennessee Titans receiver was brought on stage during Spears' performance of "Lace and Leather," placed in a pink boa and handcuffed to a pole. It's apparently a nightly ritual for Britney to select a random audience member (not necessarily a celebrity) for the song. There's no word yet on how Britt was picked, but I like to imagine that he was excitedly raising his hand while yelling "me, me!" like he had broken free behind the Texans secondary.

The feel of steel on his wrists isn't new for Britt. In May, the receiver was arrested after leading police on a car chase. One day after pleading guilty to those speeding charges and paying a fine, Britt was arrested again outside a New Jersey car wash for resisting arrest. He was also involved in a bar fight during the season, and last month claimed a retirement message posted on his Facebook page was the result of a hacker.

In other words, he's perfect for Britney.

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