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The Titans just gave up the first touchdown of the game to LeRon McClain to go down 10-3. Finally, someone's defense let up a little bit in that game, and in the case of the Titans, by "let up," I mean, "started fighting with each other like little girls over a Hannah Montana CD."

Star corner Cortland Finnegan has some kind of ongoing beef with team captain Keith Bulluck. After a play in which Finnegan shoved a Raven out of bounds, he got in Bulluck's face and and spoke in a non-polite manner. Bulluck responded by hauling off and shoving him.

Then they carried it over to the sidelines. After the touchdown, the conversation continued until the two had to be separated by about 16 players and coaches. I have a feeling, though, that if they really wanted to get at it, that wouldn't have been enough to keep them apart.

I can't hear the sound on that particular game, so I don't know all the particulars ... but with or without audio, it's clear that they both have a lot to learn about sharing.

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Shutdown Corner

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