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Josh Cribbs will not be unfairly ticketed, Cleveland policeCleveland Browns playmaker Josh Cribbs was getting his hair cut Tuesday, when he remembered he needed to go out and feed the parking meter.

When he did, he saw two things: First, eight minutes remaining on the meter. Second, despite the time remaining, a parking ticket from the Cleveland Heights Police Department.

Well guess what, Cleveland Heights parking enforcement officers? Josh Cribbs is not having it. Fox 8 in Cleveland is getting to the bottom of things.

"I wrote, 'not guilty!' [on Twitter] I made sure to take pictures with time stamps," laughs Cribbs. "I got a lot of response. People saying the Cleveland Heights Police Department is notorious for writing out tickets, people who have been wronged." [...]

"Well, since this is a lockout, I have the time to fight for Cleveland, fight for the blue collar workers here, and I think it's wrong and I am trying to stand up for those who can't."

That's maybe a touch on the dramatic side -- I doubt Steven Soderbergh is going to give this story the Erin Brockovich treatment -- but hey, I'm all for it. No one likes parking tickets, especially if they're undeserved. You were wronged, Josh Cribbs, and you don't have to take it.

Again from Fox 8, here's how Chief Jeffrey Robertson of the Cleveland Heights Police Department defended his department's actions.

"We do not ticket without a violation. It appears that someone came out and put a quarter in Mr. Cribbs' meter, or turned his meter back to allow for a grace period 22 minutes before he came out."

Likely story, pal. I'm afraid the only people I trust to get to the bottom of this are the Football Cops.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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