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According to someone who watches his broadcasts at UStream -- which I might do someday if my television is stolen, there are no books left in the world, the rest of the internet dies and a sniper is perched outside ready to kill me the second I leave my home -- Chad Ochocinco plans on changing his name again.

He made the announcement on Sunday morning before the game against the Lions. This time, the new name will be "Hachi Go," which is Japanese for "Eight Five." From Glenn S. Moore at The Dugout Sports Show:

"I'm not sure how Mr. Goodell is going to take it," Ochocinco said as he held up the jersey.

But why "Hachi Go"?

A Japanese film crew was in town a couple weeks ago to do a piece on the Bengals for a NFL show over there. They said all NFL fans in Japan know who Chad Ochocinco(notes) is and they seriously made a proposal to Chad to change his last name to "Hachi Go".

"Some fans of mine that are Japanese said I should change my last name to 'Hachi Go'."

Well, by all means, if someone suggested it, you should do it. Can I be in line next? The season after "Hachi Go," I think you should be "Chad Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia." It would mean "Chad Fear of Long Words," but really, I just want to see how it looks on a jersey.

Do whatever makes you happy, man. Perhaps someday, you will get an amount of attention that you believe is enough.

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