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As the resurgence of Joey Porter as a premier player in the NFL continues, so does the resurgence of Joey Porter as the sports world's greatest source of unfiltered, antagonistic babble.

Today, after his Dolphins took down the Broncos in Denver, he's taking some big-time shots at Brandon Marshall. According to Joey, Marshall is soft with a capital T. SofT.

"He's one of those guys that if he don't get the ball in the first two series in the first quarter, he's out of it," Porter said. "He had 18 catches in a game before. So he's not used to going the whole first half with no balls. We got in his head and he pretty much was done. I didn't get inside his head, we just were talkin'. He got in his own head. He was done," Porter said. "He's one of those soft receivers, where he has to have the ball all the time. If he don't get it, he's going to mope and cry. He did it to himself."

Is Joey right? This time, probably, yes. As evidence, I'd point to Marshall's nickname of "Baby T.O." He finished the game with two catches for 27 yards, while rookie Eddie Royal and someone named Peyton Hillis combined for 14 catches and two touchdowns.

And he did spout off a little bit after the game about how he wanted the ball more, albeit in a restrained Baby T.O. kind of a way.

"When the quarterback sees 1-high or cover-1 (coverage), he's got to be on the same page as me and get the ball to me. But it's a team game, and oh, well."

I love that. My translation of that reads something like, "The quarterback is screwing up. I'm open. Get the ball to me. But you know what, it's a team game ... there just happens to be one particular member of the team who isn't doing his job, and that makes me feel very frowny.."

"I mean, when I look at it, it's common sense. If I was a receiver going against our defence and they're stacking the box and we're playing a 1-high defence and eight in the box, and the DBs are 10 yards off of me, I'm going to catch 10, 12 balls a game," Marshall fumed.

Or two.

Gracias, FanHouse.

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