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Joe Flacco(notes) has got himself a situation.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback got a "Jersey Shore"-inspired makeover this week for the team's Halloween charity event, complete with a faux hawk hairstyle, a tight Affliction T-shirt and, the pièce de résistance, two racing stripes on his sideburns that point to a shaved outline of the state of New Jersey on the back of his head.

What, no Snooki pouf or Pauly D blowout?

Flacco's look mimicked that of Mike Sorrentino, better know as "The Situation," who has emerged as the breakout star of "Jersey Shore." The Ravens signal caller is actually a fairly good doppelganger of The Situation. All Flacco needs is a spray tan and an overinflated sense of self worth and he could be beating up the beat in clubs while showing off his abs in no time.

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Ravens linebacker Tavares Gooden(notes) hooked up Flacco with his personal barber, who spent one hour, 40 minutes on the haircut. Flacco wore the look into practice on Tuesday, but said he'd shave the top of his head later in the week. The designs, however, will stay until his hair grows out.

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"I don't think the coaches really know how to react to [the haircut], but I'm just having a little bit of fun," Flacco told the official Ravens blog.

His teammates were less impressed.

"When you're young, you can do things like that," said Ray Lewis(notes) with a sigh.

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Flacco should know all about Jersey Shore stylings. He's a native of the state.  

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