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For all the criticism thrown at Fox announcer Joe Buck, accuracy has never been much of an issue. Sure, he barely changed his inflection on the spectacular David Tyree(notes) catch in the Super Bowl and tends to only show emotion when players fake moon the crowd, but at least he gets the down and distance correct. It may be in monotone with a faint air of dismissiveness, but I appreciate the competence, especially after listening to other announcing teams that tell you the wrong spot and identify incorrect tacklers for three straight hours.

All of this is a nice way of saying that Buck was as incorrect as he was boring at the end of Sunday's game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. The Cowboys faced a fourth-and-20 with 11 seconds remaining and needed a desperation first down to extend the game and have a chance of throwing a game-winning Hail Mary. Buck didn't realize the situation and when Dallas failed to get the first down, thus clinching the game for the Lions, Buck didn't notice. Instead of triumphantly proclaiming a historic Detroit victory, he called it like this:

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I'm not really sure what I was expecting because it's not as if Buck would have been that much more excited even if he had realized Detroit had won. If he were a font, he'd be 12-point Helvetica.

By the way, was Felix Jones(notes) getting audio piped into his helmet? It looks like he didn't realize it was fourth down either. Initially, I figured Jones' nonchalance after the catch is what made Buck think the Cowboys had another down to go, but at the top of the clip he mentions that Dallas may try to get a chunk of the yardage on its "next play."

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