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After making a career of shoving his own quarterbacks into the woodchipper, I sort of hoped that eventually, someone would do the same to Terrell Owens(notes). What I didn't figure was that it would be model Joanna Krupa.

ABC's got this new show called "The Superstars" where a celebrity pairs up with an athlete in a series of athletic competitions. The winner gets ... I don't know, to be on television more, I guess. Last night was the first episode, and Terrell Owens and Joanna Krupa, probably the favorites, were the first couple eliminated.

From there, Joanna turned into Terrell Owens, and she turned Terrell Owens into Jeff Garcia(notes).

Oh, that's fantastic. My favorite part is right at the end when she throws in a forceful little "Shut up." I think I've watched it about 843 times.

Did Owens deserve to be yelled at like a little boy? No, probably not; the poor guy's foot got caught in the net. Tough break. But Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb(notes) probably didn't deserve the treatment they got from Terrell Owens, either.

It happened, though. Miss Krupa is probably used to having everything in the world she wants, and probably has a pretty healthy ego of her own. That doesn't make her right, of course, except in the grander, karmic scheme of things.

Maybe, in the end, it'll be good for Owens to experience what it's like to be on the wrong end of a media tirade. Joanna Krupa may have just done Trent Edwards(notes) a huge favor.

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