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On Friday, the Miami Dolphins announced a season-long stadium naming deal with Jimmy Buffett's licensed beer, LandShark Lager. As a result, the Dolphins will play their 2009 campaign in LandShark Stadium.

The deal will expire prior to the Super Bowl (which will be played at the stadium), reportedly because MillerCoors owns the beer marketing rights to the game and doesn't want to have the name of an Anheuser-Busch product getting name-dropped during its biggest advertising event of the year.

As part of the deal, Buffett will perform two concerts at LandShark Stadium and the team will open a Margaretaville section at LandShark Stadium, which new Dolphins owner Stephen Ross explains will bring Buffett's "unique culture" to the games, a culture that mainly consists of people getting hammered off margaritas.

To celebrate the occasion, Buffett wrote a new team song called "Fins." Reviews haven't been kind but, then again, Jimmy has always been more about the fans than the critics. 

Buffett and the Dolphins are a natural fit, as the singer has been a long-time fan of Miami sports (and, sometimes, a quite vocal one). Could this lead to other celebrity-team pairings?

Tom Cruise and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder are already business partners; does this mean we'll one day see L. Ron Hubbard Field? And Jon Bon Jovi is big into Philadelphia sports and once owned an Arena League team. With the Eagles yet to win a Super Bowl, Livin' On a Prayer Stadium could be a nice fit.

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