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Jets upset Giants by putting curtains over Super Bowl logosThe New York Giants have the odd distinction of being visitors in their home stadium on Saturday, thanks to an interconference matchup with their fellow Met Life Stadium tenants, the New York Jets. They were treated like it before kickoff.

Four logos commemorating the Giants Super Bowl appearances were covered with a black curtain outside the team's locker room before Saturday's game. As the designated home team, the Jets have the privilege of controlling signage on the field and throughout the stadium.

The Giants took notice of this and sent kicker Lawrence Tynes and running back Brandon Jacobs to remove the curtain. In retaliation for that move, a Jets official moved the curtain back and placed a security guard near it to prevent any more tampering.

And, yes, in case you were wondering, everyone involved in this is an adult.

The Jets have a New York inferiority complex that all the black curtains in Manhattan wouldn't solve. They played for decades in Giants Stadium and are still the town's second-biggest team, even with all the bluster that comes from having Rex Ryan as a coach.

Pregame shenanigans didn't help the Giants. At the end of the first quarter, they trailed the Jets, 7-0.

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