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Stud New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis(notes) did show up for practice Tuesday, which is good. While at practice, though, Revis decided he'd rather not participate in certain plays, and he took a seat and watched other people sweat.

What prompted this poor behavior from Revis? A poor contract offer from the Jets. Revis said the Jets' latest contract offer to him is an "insult" because it included absolutely no guaranteed money, and if true, yeah, that's a good reason to plop yourself down on a bench in the middle of practice. No guaranteed money? For the top cornerback, probably the top defensive player, and maybe the best player, period, in the NFL? That's crazier than JaMarcus Russell(notes) making the Hall of Fame.

Said Revis, according to the Associated Press:

"It was something just to let them know I can play, and I cannot play. That's what it is."

More power to you, sir.

Honestly, I just don't know what the Jets are trying to do here. Sure, you start every contract negotiation with a lowball offer, the player starts with a big number, and ideally, you can meet somewhere in the middle. He is due to make $1 million in the fourth season of his six-year rookie deal, and wants to be the league’s highest-paid cornerback.

But zero dollars guaranteed? Why? The Jets, a lot of people feel, are poised for a run at the Super Bowl. Revis is a key part of that. You're going to alienate him, for what reason exactly?

It's like going into a pawn shop, seeing a $5,000 watch you want, and saying, "Rick, I'd like that watch, but instead of giving you $5,000 for it, how about I just poke the Old Man in the eye, you give me $20, and then I take the watch?" It's just not a sound negotiating tactic.

Hopefully, this all gets sorted out before it becomes a real problem for the Jets. Zero in guarantees for Darrelle Revis? Come on now.

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