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Jets now working with two offensive minds; are there too many cooks?FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — It isn't often that words of wisdom can be gleaned from "The Office," but the long-running sitcom perhaps provides some good cautionary words for the New York Jets right about now.

On Wednesday afternoon, head coach Rex Ryan confirmed that consultant Tom Moore will join the Jets for the rest of the season and will not telecommute as the team's consultant on offense.

The presence of Moore, the former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator, working alongside current Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, is a slippery slope of possibilities and potential stepping-on toes. Much like when perennial slacker Jim Halpert was named co-manager of Dunder Mifflin in the NBC sitcom, sharing responsibilities with the inept Michael Scott, it was Oscar Nunez who provided the sage advice:

"Look, it doesn't take a genius to know that any organization thrives when it has two leaders. Go ahead, name a country that doesn't have two presidents. A boat that doesn't set sail with two captains? Where would Catholicism be without the popes?"

All comedy aside, the Jets have a serious issue with Moore and what could be a pending rift with Schottenheimer. After all, the 36-year-old Schottenheimer has been offensive coordinator of the Jets since 2006, giving him a certain carte blanche around the team — including his reportedly new contract he signed last offseason . But as the offense sputtered through the past few games, Moore was brought in last week and attended the win over the Redskins in what is now going to be a full-time role with the team.

The Jets currently have the 26th-ranked offense in the league.

On offseason hire after leaving the Colts this past season, Moore was originally supposed to review tape and scout from his South Carolina home but now he will be up in New Jersey and travel with the team in an effort to spark the offense. Ryan promised that Moore would take his marching orders from Schottenheimer, a coach 35 years his junior, and his role will be "Whatever Schotty has him to do."

Jets now working with two offensive minds; are there too many cooks?"I know Schotty talks to him all the time, even when he was in South Carolina, but he's great. Just a guy that's been there and done that with all of the experiences that he's had. And I think that it's great that our players get around him, as well," Ryan said. "I think it's just good to have. I feel better when I see him out there with us and he's actually with us and not against us, so I feel good about that."

Moore will float around the offense and troubleshoot in a role Ryan called "mega-consultant." The experienced set of eyes will likely benefit quarterback Mark Sanchez the most as he looks to regain the form of the past two years that has seen him limit mistakes and make smart throws en route to consecutive AFC championship game appearances.

Known as one of the best offensive minds in football, Moore is often credited with the success that will someday send Peyton Manning to the Hall of Fame as one of the best quarterbacks of not only his generation, but all time.

"I love it. I think it's great for us because he can help the receivers, tight ends and he's not just glued to my hip. It's not just for the quarterback or anybody like that. It's for everybody and he's not shy about helping guys when they need it," Sanchez said. "He's not one of those guys who wants to be in front of all the cameras. He's not a me-first guy. He's totally team-first, in the back, in the shadows, and when you need him, he's right there to give help, so it's great."

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