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That overpowering stench of death in the Jets locker room? Oh, never mind that. It's just a rotting animal carcass that Brett Favre stuffed into a bag and put in Eric Barton's locker. From The Fifth Down:

Favre is notorious for shenanigans involving lockers, and since his arrival to the Jets in August, the tradition has apparently continued. The latest victim? Barton.

Barton could not remember whether it happened last week or the week before. Nor did he know exactly what kind of dead animal Favre shot (presumably), bagged and dumped inside Barton’s locker.

Some teammates believe it was a wild turkey, but regardless, they all gathered around Barton’s locker and engaged in fits of laughter. The dead animal was inside a bag that was filled with blood and guts.

A wild turkey? That's not a bad guess. I think it was Ken O'Brien.

Whatever the unidentified murdered beast, I guess it's a good sign for the Jets. It's like that old saying ... you know you're starting to feel at ease around someone when you feel comfortable enough to kill an animal, put it in a bag, and stash it among their personal belongings. In his own special way, this is Brett fitting in.

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