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As I'm sure you know, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are building a big, shiny new stadium stadium to accommodate all the new fans that Pacman Jones is sure to attract. And inside this new stadium (via the Dallas Morning News) will be the world's biggest HDTV.

A horse-racing track in Tokyo built what they claimed was the world's biggest HDTV back in 2006. It was 218' x 37', totaling over 8,000 square feet.

Weak. That's the TV Jerry Jones has in his guest bedroom.

Jerry's monstrosity is 160' x 70', putting that bad-boy at over 11,000 square feet. For a little bit of perspective, if you've got a mammoth TV at home, say a 63-inch plasma job, you could fit over 750 of your televisions inside Jerry's one. The $35 million price tag is higher than than the entire price of building Texas Stadium in 1971.

I would consider sacrificing a pinky to play some XBox 360 on it.

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