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Almost three weeks after the Super Bowl, Jerry Jones made his first public statement about the seating problems that plagued Cowboys Stadium and forced 400 ticketholders to miss the game.

Way to get out ahead of the story, Jerry. We should expect to hear his thoughts about Christina Aguilera's national anthem any day now.

Speaking to a group of reporters inside his Indianapolis hotel room, Jones took responsibility for the incident but stopped short of offering any sort of apology:

"I do, along with the NFL, take responsibility for the seating issue. Some of the things we would like to improve on regarding the seating issue, informing the fans that were involved, all of those areas, the NFL and I take responsibility for.

"You always like to look at areas you can be better, get better. We certainly intend to and will get much better in terms of the seating and how that is handled. I don't have a lot of details for you, relative to specifics, but that's part of the process of the work ahead to do it better."

Because of the pending lawsuit against Jones and the NFL, the Cowboys owner was likely restricted in what he could say about the incident. He didn't answer questions about why the seats weren't ready or whose fault it was that they weren't. Why say anything if you're going to say nothing at all?

Jones makes it seem like the problems at Cowboys Stadium were minor. Getting better is cutting wait times at concession stands and streamlining security lines to get into the stadium. It's tweaking the volume of the loudspeakers and showing more engaging videos during timeouts. It's not forcing ticketholders into the bowels of the stadium because somebody didn't get the proper permit in time.

The Cowboys owner doesn't seem worried, though. He told reporters that he thinks his stadium will host another Super Bowl in the future.

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