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As the United Football League waits for its chance to capitalize on the NFL lockout, it's stocking up on coaching star power.

Jerry Glanville has been officially tabbed to be the head coach and general manager of the Hartford Colonials, and according to Chris Mortensen, Marty Schottenheimer is on the verge of being named the head coach of the Virginia Destroyers.

Can Marty and Jerry help the fledgling football league? It's likely not a game-changer for television ratings -- I don't think anyone has ever tuned in to see Jerry Glanville or Marty Schottenheimer coach -- but it grabs some headlines, and on some level, it probably does help to add credibility.

Not necessarily among casual fans, but for players out there who are wondering if the UFL is a legitimate option for them in the event of a lockout, it might help to see guys like Schottenheimer and Glanville on board. Well, Schottenheimer, anyway.

The Glanville hiring has more of a sideshow feel to it. When you think about Jerry Glanville's coaching career, what do you think of? Brilliant tactical decisions and a record of unparalleled success? Or the goofball who left tickets at will call for Elvis and encouraged his players to get in a cheap shot or two after the whistle?

He certainly wasn't hired because of his recent coaching brilliance. His last gig was as head coach at Portland State, and he resigned with a record of 9-24. Best of luck, Hartford!

Schottenheimer's reputation, by contrast, is that of a football purist who has always put fundamentals and teaching the game ahead of anything else. If you're a young player who ends up on the roster of the Virginia Destroyers, you can count on being coached by a guy who wants to make you a better player.

If you end up in Hartford, you can count on being coached by a guy with a terrific belt buckle collection.

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