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Father's Day is coming this weekend, and surely, there are a lot of fathers out there clinging to the irrational belief that their son can someday play in the NFL. And they're probably probably pushing their child to the point where they'll will grow up to resent them and rebel by wearing lipstick and eyeliner to school everyday.

And that's fine. That's the American way. But what the kids out there growing up without fathers? How can a mom push a kid to become an NFL player?

Pay him to injure other children, of course.

Jeremy Newberry, recently signed by the Chargers, and formerly of the Raiders and 49ers, shared some of his mother's parenting tips for raising a Pro Bowl son. Buddy Ryan would have approved.

Newberry's father is a retired policeman and “hell-raiser,” but the lineman attributes most of his mean streak to his mom, Cheryll. Though the story sounds preposterous as well as primitive, Newberry says his mother paid him a bounty for injuring opponents before he had turned 10 years old.

Say what?

“My mom used to pay me to knock people out of the game when I was a young kid,” Newberry said. “I used to make a couple dollars a game. When I was 9 years old, that was a lot of money. I tried to hit everybody.”


“I'm not afraid to take a shot on somebody,” he said. “If I hurt you, I'm sorry. I'll shake your hand and buy you a beer afterward. But if I don't have to play you the rest of the game because you got a little tweak or you're injured, my team's probably got a better chance of winning.

That sounds fair. It must be comforting for the rest of the NFL to know that if Jeremy Newberry cripples them with an illegal hit after the whistle, at least they'll get a handshake from the guy! Awesome.

That's quite a parenting job you've done, mom. I don't understand how you got to the point where you came to believe that it's okay to pay a person -- even if it's another child -- to injure nine-year-olds ... but you did. I hope it's worth it.

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