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August 28, 2008

Jay Feely, Chief for a day

On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs signed Jay Feely to a one-year contract. On Wednesday, they cut him like an umbilical cord.

The Chiefs, pretending like they'll be in field goal range at some point this year, have a little competition going on for their kicker spot between Connor Barth and Nick Novak. The signing of Feely made it look like the Chiefs were displeased with both of them, but whatever Feely did to get cut was apparently worse.

And if you'd like to be completely baffled by the situation, here are a couple of quotes from head coach Herm Edwards.

First, from the Kansas City Star, upon Feely's signing:

“He’s been a good kicker in the league,” coach Herm Edwards said. “We decided to bring him in here and see where he’s at. We’d like to have a kicker opening day, and he’s our kicker. We don’t want to have every other week a kicking contest again.”

And then after Feely was cut:

“When you’re in our situation, a young football team, sometimes the easy thing to do when guys are in a position where there’s not a clear-cut favorite, the easy thing to do in the past was, ‘Let’s go get a veteran.’

“We’re not doing that. We’re trying to build a football team. If it’s a good veteran and he fits in our system and he does what we want him to do, then that’s fine. But we don’t just go out and get a veteran to say we got a veteran.

Feely probably would've liked to have been apprised of that policy before signing the contract.

I don't know. The whole thing makes me think that once Feely became a Chief, the Chiefs found something out about him that made them not like him anymore. What that might have been, I have no idea. Maybe he had a leg amputated earlier in the offseason, and up until now, had been cleverly fooling everyone with an extremely life-like prosthetic.

I hope he at least got a free Chiefs t-shirt and gym shorts out of the deal.

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