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Taking its place alongside other great personal NFL rivalries like Favre vs. Sapp and Brady vs. Manning, the ever-intense Josh Scobee(notes) vs. DeSean Jackson(notes) rivalry has finally come to a head.

Sunday night after the Eagles' Jackson was penalized for lobbing a ball at a New York Giants coach (perhaps intentionally, perhaps not) on the sideline, the Jaguars' Scobee took to Twitter to lay down some Scobee-style justice.

Jaguars kicker says DeSean Jackson is a punk

Punk! Tiny Bastard! Shame on you for your post-play taunting, DeSean Jackson. Scobes doesn't play that. Even after taking a little bit of heat from the Twitter universe for the name-calling, Scobes was still insistent that Jackson's a punk and worthy of no respect.

Jaguars kicker says DeSean Jackson is a punk

But then, after a good night's sleep, Scobes felt like he had to tone things down. He started backpedaling like a kicker who just kicked it deep to DeSean Jackson.

Jaguars kicker says DeSean Jackson is a punk

In tweet number two, Scobes made it pretty clear that he believes Jackson is a punk, even offering up his definition of punk to explain why Jackson fits it. So I guess the apology is for, I don't know, using the word "punk" while trying to call DeSean Jackson a punk?

You don't have to take this, DeSean Jackson. Fire back. Let's escalate this thing.

Gracias, Funny Athlete Tweets.

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