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Jabar Gaffney tells Cowboys fan on Twitter to kill himself

Mammas, don't let your Cowboys fans grow up to be tweeters, or else they may be on the receiving end of inflammatory messages from rival opponents.

A 25-year-old man from Richmond, Va., sent a message to Washington Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney(notes) on Sunday mocking him for the team's loss to the Dallas Cowboys, a defeat which dropped the 'Skins to 3-7 on the season. The user, @bam1121, wrote "lmao 3-9" to Gaffney. The wideout quickly responded with both class and tact. (Read from the bottom up.)

Jabar Gaffney tells Cowboys fan on Twitter to kill himself

Showing he has at least some good sense, Gaffney deleted most of the tweets late Sunday night. The originals were preserved by the good folks at and modified by us to include the black boxes over the expletives.

Gaffney may have realized he was wrong to post those words, but his sentiment didn't change. Later, he retweeted a message from a Redskins fan which said, "I do want that man to kill himself, one less Cowboys fan." An affirming "LOL" was added by Gaffney.

If Rex Ryan gets fined $75,000 for directing profanity toward a fan, then Gaffney should expect to receive a fine too. Trollers like @bam1121 are like hecklers in the crowd: best left ignored. I don't blame competitors like Ryan and Gaffney wanting to respond to tell them what they think. I'd want to also. Sometimes you just have to let it go.

Athletes like Gaffney love to connect with fawning fans on Twitter but complain when "lames" flood their screen with insults. It comes with the territory, guys. If you can't handle it, don't have an account.

Thanks to Dan Steinberg and his DC Sports Bog

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