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One of the great things about football is that a fan can experience all of its highs and lows and never, ever have to think about politics. NFL Sundays are a safe zone from the "let's scream at each other and call it political discourse" babble that's so unavoidable during the week.

Sundays are about football, friends, beer and foods that will take years off your life. I've enjoyed myself watching games with people who are my polar opposite politically. I know I've cheered for players with whom I would share zero political opinions. I'm okay with this. Keep scoring touchdowns, and we can be friends forever.

But there's one fellow out there so polarizing, so beloved by some and so loathed by others, that I fear, if he were to become involved in the NFL, it would ruin the non-political nature of football. In fact, he's done it before.

I speak, of course, of Rush Limbaugh. Tim Klutsarits of the St. Louis Rams Examiner asks the question today, "What if Rush Limbaugh became owner of the Rams?" It's a possibility I hadn't considered when I originally posted about the Rams being for sale, although I should have, since Limbaugh's made it clear before that he'd like to own the Rams.

It's a nightmare scenario. Not because I agree or disagree with anything Limbaugh says, but because it would irrevocably drag politics into my Sundays. It wouldn't matter if Limbaugh was a completely silent owner, the mere mention of his name drives people into fits of political rage or glee. Check out a couple of the comments from the Examiner article:

- Sign me up, I cant stand the Rams and have only routed for them when Kurt was here but is Rush buys them...I WILL BE AT EVERY GAME..He is the only honest GOP guy out there, call him egotistical if you want but hes on the money on most issues, highly intelligent and good man just using his freedom of speech and THANK GOD, thats right GOD...Rush, hope we welcome you as part owner very soon.

- The rams have been my team since I chose a team when I was 7 in 1982. If the fat drug addict becomes our owner, I will quit being a fan until he sells!!!!!

How likely it is that Limbaugh actually purchases the Rams, I have no idea. As outlined in the article, he's probably got the cash to make it happen. Whether or not the other NFL owners would approve him, given his high media profile and past history with the game, I have no idea.

I couldn't handle it, though. Not because of Limbaugh, but because of those two commenters quoted above. They're probably both fine people, but I don't want their political views anywhere near me when I'm trying to watch a football game.

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