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Some Vegas casinos were offering a prop bet on the number of times FOX broadcasters Joe Buck and Troy Aikman would mention Brett Favre(notes) during the Super Bowl. They set the over/under at 2.5.

Aikman and Buck, to their great credit and to my great delight, cruised through the game without a single Favre mention. If you watched the game and went straight to bed, you had a refreshingly Favre-free evening.

The same can't be said if you watched any postgame coverage, though. Curt Menefee mentioned Favre on FOX not long after the final whistle, when referencing Green Bay's last Super Bowl win in 1997. Favre was talked about on the NFL Network in comparison to Rodgers. And in its postgame coverage, ESPN, as ESPN so often does, turned itself into the Brett Favre Network.

I guess that was bound to happen, though. Favre is part of a storyline, and the Super Bowl, if nothing else, is America's grand tribute to pushing and/or fabricating storylines. It was an easy one to talk about.

Which I think is why Aikman and Buck deserve so much credit for resisting it. Sunday night's game, that fantastic game, was about the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. It was about MVP Aaron Rodgers(notes). He earned a spotlight all his own, and Aikman and Buck gave it to him.

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