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In one of the closest Super Bowl matchups in years, only one result on Sunday is certain: Las Vegas will be a winner.

A tally of legal Super Bowl betting over the past decade largely confirms the old saying that the house always wins:

The Giants-Patriots game was only the second Super Bowl to lose money for Vegas since the state began reporting totals in 1992. (The 49ers-Chargers Super Bowl put casinos $500,000 in the red.) It owed to the fact that New York was a 4-1 underdog on the money line and not enough wagers went New England's way to cover those long odds.

With a 2.5-point line and a short money line (Packers are at 21-20, Steelers at 4-5), casinos shouldn't have to worry about Super Bowl XLV. Rest easy, America. Las Vegas is going to be just fine.

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