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If McNabb wants No. 5, he’ll be promoting a punter’s rock band

Donovan McNabb(notes), as you know, will be playing quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in 2011. Also, as you probably know, McNabb has been wearing the number five his whole career.

What you might not know, unless you really love punting, is that Vikings punter Chris Kluwe(notes) already wears number five for the Minnesota Vikings.

Is there a deal to be worked out that would get McNabb the No. 5? There is! As it happens, Chris Kluwe is a prolific tweeter, and posted this upon the news of McNabb heading north.

If McNabb wants No. 5, he’ll be promoting a punter’s rock band

Tripping Icarus is a progressive rock band in Minneapolis. Their bassist is Chris Kluwe.

You can visit their Facebook page here, and listen to some of their songs here. Rolling Stone said "they are to the Minneapolis rock scene what MouseRat is to Pawnee." OK, they didn't say that. I said that.

I admire Kluwe's creativity here. Punters generally don't get a lot of microphones shoved in their faces. If he wanted to be the subject of his own press conference, Chris Kluwe would have to, I don't know, take the snap and literally eat a leather football right there on the field of play. McNabb mentions that he has athlete's foot, and there are reporters camped outside his bathroom window.

I'm ready to name Chris Kluwe the second-best punting number-seller in NFL history. Jeff Feagles(notes) remains at the top of that list, having gotten Eli Manning(notes) to pay for a family vacation to Florida in exchange for the No. 10. He then later sold another number to Plaxico Burress(notes) for ... well, Plaxico may have shafted him on that deal.

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