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Late in Sunday's game between the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints, Matt Schaub(notes) found Kevin Walter(notes) for a bizarre, go-ahead 20-yard touchdown reception. The ball bounced off two other players and seemed to defy the laws of gravity as it floated into Walter's waiting hands. His score gave Houston a 33-32 lead.

Yet to listen to the CBS broadcast of the game, you'd have thought Walter caught a routine 6-yard button hook in the middle of the first quarter. Outside of any game ever being called by Joe Buck, this may be the biggest disparity between "craziness of play" and "mundaneness of announcing."

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In Greg Gumbel's defense, he initially didn't know what happened when Walter snatched the ball out of midair and trotted into the end zone. That play happened live and was fairly confusing, particularly with the flag on the field. But what was Dan Dierdorf's excuse? He's watching a replay of the ball hit off two players and then float horizontally to a receiver who happens to be waiting for it and all he's concerned about it is luck and the lack of interception? I bet when he was younger, Dierdorf watched the moon landing and spent his time complaining that the camera shot was too grainy.

Where's the excitable Spanish-language announcer when you need him?

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