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Some paparazzi pictures of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his special lady, Gisele Bundchen, surfaced yesterday. The pictures depict the couple doing things that any couple might do on vacation: swimming, holding hands, lounging around poolside.

I didn't think they were a tremendously big deal, and I wasn't going to post them. But then Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe flipped out about them this morning; particularly, a picture where Gisele is feeding Tom. And if this represents the beginning of a Boston media backlash against Tom Brady, well then, that's worth exploring.

Here's a snippet of Shaughnessy's hysterical overreaction:

[...] You simply cannot have your quarterback being fed like an infant at poolside. Remember, people - this is a football player we're talking about. This is your quarterback. Think there's any photographic evidence of Johnny Unitas being spoon-fed? Bet Slingin' Sammy Baugh's wife never tried to sling any hash into his mouth.

Gisele was feeding him. Think of Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. Think of Mike Dukakis in the tank. This was worse.

Ever see a high school player injured in the middle of the game and have his mother run onto the field to hover over him? That's what this is like. A guy might never recover.

For whatever it's worth, the column did make me laugh. How serious Shaughnessy is, I can't tell, but at one point, he did compare Brady to Alex Rodriguez. I wouldn't think that's something a guy from Boston would do lightly.

If Johnny Unitas were still alive, I'm quite certain Gisele Bundchen could go knock on his door right now and say, "Johnny, would you mind if I put on a bikini and hand-fed you snow peas?" and Johnny wouldn't have too many objections.

Come on, man. If Handsome Tom can recover from this, I think a picture of one of the world's finest super models feeding him a bite to eat will leave him relatively unharmed.

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