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Please note that "quitting on his teammates" is Glen Coffee's(notes) terminology, not mine. I'd never characterize his decision like that. I'd call it "following his dream,"  "pursuing the life he wants," or "ensuring that Mike Singletary nudity need not be a part of his life, ever again."

Coffee, of course, walked away from the San Francisco 49ers in order to follow God. He talked more about his decision Wednesday morning with Birmingham radio station WJOX, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews.

On why he ultimately made the decision:

“Actually, the thought entered my head when I was playing at ‘Bama. I had found Christ my junior year at ‘Bama. When I found Him, football was no longer my dream. It was just that I wanted to glorify Him in everything that I did. I left college early because I was done with football. I figured, ‘Maybe if I’m getting paid for it, I’ll be able to tolerate it.’ [...] Obviously, that was the wrong choice. I never should have entered the draft I felt like. [...] I felt like it was eventually going to happen. Maybe not this early, but I knew my career would be short.”

On the toughest part about leaving football:

“Leaving my teammates. Let’s call it what it is, I did quit on them. That’s the thing that hurts. I don’t have regrets. If I say the toughest thing would be leaving my teammates.”

You can read more of the interview here, and see what Glen Coffee has to say about his decision-making process, what he'll do next, and whether or not he'll ever return to football.

The decision he made fascinates me, and not because of the money he left on the table, the NFL lifestyle he leaves behind, or even the new career he'll find. Honestly, how many people ever find such a clear and direct calling in life; so clear that they'll not only drop everything to follow it right now, but will also give up millions of dollars to do so? That's a fortunate guy.

Whether it's a calling to be a minister, a cage fighter, an interpretive dancer or the guy who yells "OHHHHHHH!" in Souljaboy songs, we should all be so lucky to know so clearly what we want to do with our lives. Go do your thing, Glen Coffee.

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