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Remember that whole incident where Marvin Harrison(notes) was supposedly tied to the shooting death of a man in North Philadelphia, but nothing ever came of it? GQ's Jason Fagone decided to dig a little deeper into the incident, and the picture he paints is not one that leaves Harrison looking like a model citizen.

I encourage you to read it for yourself. It's free and available on the web by clicking the link above. I hesitate to even excerpt it here because it's a long and well-researched piece, and to pull out one little bit of it here would seem like an injustice to the whole story. Particularly captivating parts though, are the beginning, where Fagone recreates the violent, bullet-ridden scene of the crime, and later, when he explains why the version of the story that Harrison gave police simply cannot be true.

Nothing is concretely proven in the article, of course, but none of it looks great for Harrison, either. None of it looks good for anyone, really. It's a story without a good guy.

It's also rather remarkable how much one reporter for a men's magazine was able to dig up, when, at the time the story broke, information we had about the incident was either scarce or just not true. For example, I remember getting the distinct impression that Harrison's gun was something like a collector's item. Not the case, as it turns out. Fagone's story is the one real time when we've gotten anything close to even a version of what happened that day.

Again, if you've got a few minutes and the subject interests you, click and give it a read. I'm pretty sure the first few paragraphs will grab your attention.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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