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It seemed that all the talk through the NFL last week had to do with Brett Favre(notes): Would he start against the New England Patriots with his ankle injuries? Would his play be up to standard? Should Tarvaris Jackson(notes) play instead. What would happen between Favre and Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress if Childress had to bench him for any reason?

Well, Favre did start, and he played decently enough (22 of 32 for 259 yards, no touchdowns and one interception in a very conservative Childress game plan), but there was no drama regarding his playing the entire game.

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Halfway through the fourth quarter, with the Patriots up 21-10, Favre tried to hit Randy Moss(notes) with a short pass from the New England 3-yard line. The pass was incomplete, and defensive end Myron Pryor(notes) knocked Favre from the field with a devastating (but clean) hit that opened up a laceration on Favre's chin and had him looking nearly unconscious as he was carted off the field.

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We have made sport of Favre's attendant drama in the past (and justifiably so), but this was no joke. Favre was out for the rest of the game, and reports indicate that he needed multiple stitches to his chin. We don't yet know if he suffered any sort of concussion or further injury to his chin or jaw, but he looked pretty coherent at his postgame press conference -- and that's a small (and much-needed) bit of good news. The Vikings lost this game, 28-18, and they stand at 2-5 with Favre as their starter.

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