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I thought it would take at least until week three or four of the regular season for the fans to turn on Kyle Orton. I was way, way off. It only took a couple hours of practice.

Here's a snippet from the AP's Arnie Stapleton, who watched Orton show off his special quarterbacking style at practice yesterday.

Orton drew the fans’ ire when he was picked off twice by cornerback Andre’ Goodman(notes), the second of which was returned for a long touchdown.

“I had a good day,” Goodman said in a lonely sentiment afterward.

Orton also was jeered when he threw behind receiver Chad Jackson(notes), again when he missed a wide-open Jabar Gaffney(notes) in the end zone and also when he floated a pass down the middle that Champ Bailey(notes) busted up.

Sigh. That didn't take long.

Orton's in a tough spot, though. The Broncos got rid of highly successful young quarterback Jay Cutler(notes) in a move that was extremely unpopular amongst the fans. After watching Cutler develop into one of the AFC's better quarterbacks, the fans would have likely booed any replacement who wasn't perfect. And Kyle Orton(notes), as we all know, is not perfect.

That doesn't excuse the fans behavior, though, and make no mistake about it: This is very poor fan behavior. This happened yesterday, on August freakin' 6th. Can't you wait until Orton actually costs you a game in the standings before you poison the relationship between quarterback and community? I don't care how bad Orton was, if you're a Broncos fan, do you really want him feeling alienated and self-conscious already?

Be patient. He'll give you plenty of reason to boo when things actually count.

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