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There's NFL fandom and then there's getting a huge tattoo on your left forearm to honor your favorite team. There's NFL optimism and then there's getting a huge tattoo on your left forearm to honor the Super Bowl championship that your favorite team has yet to (and almost certainly won't) win.

Meet the left forearm of Chris Brown. The Midland, Texas, resident tattooed it recently to commemorate the Super Bowl title he hopes his favorite team, the Houston Texans, will soon win. For his sake it better be soon. Brown's tattoo also includes the specific Super Bowl he expects the Texans to win: Super Bowl XLVI, to be played this February in Indianapolis.

So confident is Brown in the Texans that he had the tattoo artist include shading behind the roman numerals so that he couldn't go back and change it. Forget that Houston has never made it to the NFL playoffs, let alone won a postseason game. Brown is a man with confidence ... and hopefully a lot of long-sleeved shirts in his dresser.

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