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It's a blessing in the skies that Emmitt Smith is around to provide NFL analysis for ESPN. He doesn't have a Pip on his shoulder, so he's able to provide unbiased commentary on what is going on in the league. When there is controversial topic being discussed, Emmitt doesn't add food to the fire, he takes a stand on one side of the issue. While other analysts rip on poor teams, Emmitt preaches patience, knowing that Paris wasn't built in a week. Sometimes the future Hall of Famer is too involved in his work, so much so that it might be beneficial for him to take the petal off the medal.

Last night, Emmitt was back at it, bungling the English language so badly that it seems like he's doing an imitation of Big Daddy's Drew imitation of him, which is, of course, what I was just doing.

(Video courtesy Awful Announcing, which always goes the whole 10 yards with awesome Emmitt videos.)

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