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Ladies and gentleman, you won't have Emmitt Smith to kick around any more. As was reported in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram this weekend, Smith will not return to ESPN next fall. ESPN "let his contract expire" which is media-speak for "dude got canned."

The only reason to watch "Monday Night Countdown" last year was because of Emmitt. The other guys on the show are too loud, they talk over one another, they laugh too much at jokes that aren't funny and any attempt to give football analysis is usually accompanied by loud noises and grunts coming from Chris Berman. But Emmitt was a shining light of incompetence that ensured I never flipped channels to "Antiques Roadshow".

He was the worst of a bad bunch, to be sure. But whereas the others had no self-awareness as to their terribleness, you always got the sense that Emmitt knew he was in over his head. And that made his foibles, mixed metaphors, non-sequiters and blank stares all the more endearing. He was like watching a train wreck, if the train was full of illegal fireworks.

We'll miss you, Emmitt. Best witches.

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