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The Arizona Cardinals might (wrongly) feel like Tim Hightower is a better running back than Edgerrin James, but Edgerrin isn't going to let that stop him from contributing to the team as they gear up for their playoff run.

Edge has substantial playoff experience, and saying that the Cardinals organization lacks playoff experience is a little bit like saying Michael Vick lacked a great sensitivity for animal welfare. Edge told the Arizona Republic that his experience can help if he's on the field or not, using a clever flight-attendant-in-turbulence comparison:

"If she remains calm and is still handing out the peanuts, I know that's keeping me calm," he said. "When you're in the huddle and you see somebody that's not really trippin' on everything else that's going on outside of the game, that calms everybody down."

That's a great attitude. He's looking to help the team, even if he's not getting the rock. He can help by demonstrating poise and a business-like attitude on the sidelines, and if that fails, he can hand out delicious peanuts.

Oddly, though, in all of James's playoff experience, he must have never picked up that the day before a playoff game is not the best time to be complaining about his role in the offense and saying you he won't be a Cardinal next year.

"I can't go through this again," James told ESPN. "I didn't come here to block. I'm not an offensive lineman."

He can't wait a couple of days or a couple of weeks to make that point? Why even make the point at all? The fact that he asked for his release in the middle of the freaking season probably sent that message, don't you think?

Providing a distraction for the team seems to run counter to his desire to help the team, which he noted in the same day. It's kind of like saying, "Yeah, I'm here to help, I'm all about the team, I want us to get a win, so now I'm going to go slam Larry Fitzgerald's hand in my car door."

The Cardinals host the Falcons on Saturday at 4:30.

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