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Earl Bennett is very committed to bright orange footwear

Earl Bennett(notes), wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, wore non-NFL-approved bright orange shoes against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9. For that, he was fined $5,000.

Undeterred by the humorless and fashion-deaf uniform police at league headquarters, Bennett went ahead and wore them again in Week 10 against the Detroit Lions. That cost him $10,000, even as they looked so smooth paired with the Bears' alternate orange jerseys.

What about Week 11, when the Bears play the San Diego Chargers? Bennett won't commit one way or the other. He does know, though, that if his feet are orange-clad again, the fines and punishments mount.

Bennett told ESPN 1000 on Tuesday that the fines will continue to increase for future infractions, beginning with $15,000 this Sunday against San Diego, then $20,000 the next week.

"After that I've heard that they are going to call (a) delay of game and maybe kick me out of the game," Bennett said.

Fight the power. Earl says a teammate offered to step up and take care of the fine for wearing the shoes against Detroit. I hope this gentleman's benevolent ways continue this week. Who was it? I don't know, but we can probably rule out Jay Cutler(notes). From @bears_insider:

Earl Bennett is very committed to bright orange footwear

Pure jealousy.

The Bears are 2-0 when Earl Bennett's feet are the color of traffic cones. Come on, Earl. Don't risk snapping this winning streak over 15 grand. It might even be helpful to escalate things. Wear these on Sunday.

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